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Saab 9-3 SS Saab Performance Team – Universal Hobbies

August 13, 2020

Manufacter: Universal Hobbies
Production: 2002-2006
Scale: 1:43

Saab Performance Team car model, was the only there weren’t sold through Saab-dealers.

“To commemorate its 40th anniversary, Saab formed a Performance Team in 1987, which laid on exhibitions of automobile acrobatics and formation driving. Initially this was done with Saab 9000s, then later models, such as the Saab 900 (NG) were used. All of the team’s members have previously competed in rallies, but what’s unusual is that all five Performance Team members held regular jobs at Saab: there are two engineers, a quality controller, a technician and the head of Saab’s photo studio.”

I'm a Saab enthusiast, a Saab driver fan and also a Saab model car collector.