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SAAB 9-5 Police Moscow Russia – De Agostini

August 25, 2020

Manufacturer: De Agostini
Production: January 22 of 2013 to April 26 of 2016
Scale: 1:43

SAAB 9-5 Police Moscow Russia
A collection of scale models police cars from different countries and years. In each edition World Police Car – diecast model in 1:43 scale: Полиция, Policía, Polizei, Polícia, Rendőrség, משטרה , Policija, Politi, Policja, Polis, Poliisi, Policie, Polis, Politsei, η αστυνομία, Polizia, Politie.

I'm a Saab enthusiast, a Saab driver fan and also a Saab model car collector.

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