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Saab 900 Coupé SE 1995 (Wagner)- Minichamps

October 7, 2020

Manufacturer: Minichamps / Paul’s Model Art
Production: 1997-1999 (probably)
Colour: Silver
Scale: 1:43

This is a Code 3 model (probably), I found it twice in Ebay UK for sale with the difference of 10 years. Can’t find info about this model personalization.

Judging by the base plate and the decals kn the model, it’s a merchandise piece for Wagner, Assa Abloy maker for the 1998 Glassex event in the UK, which is a producer oriented event for glass, doors and security systems. Asgard is a lock series by Assa Aboy.
Some kind of commemorative piece, if someone have more info about, please contact me.

I'm a Saab enthusiast, a Saab driver fan and also a Saab model car collector.

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