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Saab 97 Sonett II 2-stroke 1967 – Autosculpt

March 25, 2022

Manufacturer: Autosculpt
Production: 2001-2010
Colours available: Polish Alu look
Scale: 1:43

According to Saab Archive


The man behind Autosculpt Miniatures is “Keith Dungworth” from Sheffield, UK. He probably started in the Eighties with these very special-made models. The material is a resin/alu mixture. Two sizes are available, 1:92 and 1:43. In 1993 he launched the first two Saab models. But a few years ago, probably around 2010, he stopped producing these models.


This Saab Sonett II model was also available in the much smaller size 1:92.”

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