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Saab 99 two-door 1969 – Galanite

March 25, 2022

Manufacturer: Galanite
Production: 1969-?
Colour: several colours
Scale: 1:43

Regarding to SAAB-ARCHIVE


”Svenska Galanite Industri”, usually known simply as Galanite, was a Swedish vinyl and plastic company, founded in 1947, which made mostly toys. Cars were the most popular, but trucks, farm vehicles and airplanes were also produced. Most Galanite cars produced were in the four inch range at a scale of 1:42. Swedish vehicles were common like Volvo, Saab, and Scania trucks, but Volkswagens and other vehicles like the BMC Mini were also made. Like most rubber vehicles, construction was of only seven parts: a molded vinyl body, two metal axles, and four plastic tires. These toys were child friendly – soft vinyl, rounded edges and fun colours. These models are not numbered on the bottom and usually simply say ‘Galanite Sweden’. Approximate dates of production for Galanite Toys were the late 1960s through the 1970s. Items produced are similar in concept to what “Tomte Laerdal” produced in Norway, or what “Auburn Rubber Company” produced in the United States. Some examples were exceptionally detailed for vinyl such as the SAAB 96 with a very accurate front end, accurate body proportions and SAAB logo on the trunk lid. The model almost appears to be a company promotional.


There are two types of wheels existing. ‘Galanite Sweden’ is marked on the bottom (V1). Watch: There are sometimes models found which are smaller sized, about 1:45!”

I'm a Saab enthusiast, a Saab driver fan and also a Saab model car collector.

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