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Saab 96 two-stroke 1960 – Tin Wizard

July 24, 2022

Manufacturer: Tin Wizard
Colour: grey
Scale: 1:43

Saab 96 two-stroke 1960 (1.06) – Tin Wizard


Tin Wizard (Thomas Wolter), started producing models in 1979. They make small numbers of each model, mostly in white metal, but also in resin, primarily in 1/43 scale. Other models in 1/24 and 1/18 scale are also available. They have developed photo-etch and decal work to a high standard. At Tin Wizard they also manufacture work exclusively for other people and, on their web site, they also offer for sale items produced elsewhere. During the Eighties they made the first castings of Saab models for “Danhausen” Aachen (“Modellauto Replicas”). The Saab 93 B 1958, 96 two-stroke 1961, 96 two-stroke 1965 and 99 2-door 1969. Mostly kits, but ready-built models were also available. All these Saab were copies of Tekno Danmark.”


The first version of the 96 were simple finished and not in original Saab-colours painted. Also they used unprinted brown cardboard-boxes. In 2003 they produced on base of these early 96 castings a very limited edition. These re-launch models were much better finished and offered in three different original Saab-colours, each colour only 20 units!”

I'm a Saab enthusiast, a Saab driver fan and also a Saab model car collector.