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Saab 92 1950 Rally Monte Carlo – Somerville

May 2, 2024

Manufacturer: Somerville
Production: 1992
Colour: white;
Scale: 1:43

The Saab 92 was the first Saab-casting, which Doug McHard has created three years after his start with “Somerville models”. From 1991 on, kits were also available! In the last year, Somerville made an offer to any costumer to produce any model in any colour he had ever made in his large range. So there could be a few more colours of any Saab existing!

V1 – 1983:
photo-etched wipers — silver headlights + hubcaps — on wooden plinth — in special made SAAB-Box.
V2 – 1985:
photo-etched wipers — silver headlights + hubcaps
V3 – 1996:
photo-etched wipers — separate ‘clear’ headlights — silver hubcaps.
V4 – 1999:
photo-etched wipers — separate ‘clear’ headlights — chrome hubcaps.
V1 V4:
Silver-painted door-handles and filler-cap.”

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